Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enaugh.. E-nog... Inauguration Lunch

However you spell it, it means bad jokes and good food.

I hit up my local Blanken-Eleven again to grab few packs of Obama Jones Soda on the way into work. It was my contribution to the Pot-Luck Inauguration Lunch we held at the office. The soda is a little strange because you are kinda thinking it should be orange. There's a brief political debate in your mouth, then in the end, the cola taste wins. It's not going to be on my top-ten flavor list, but I guess it was okay. I had a few people in the office that liked it, but others were kind of put-off by the thought of an orange cola.

Here's some other blog sites that tried the sodas too:
AV Club, Serious Eats.
Order your own 6-pack here: Jones Soda

After giving out a few of the bottles I was able to keep an un-drunken 4-pack for posterity. I also went around and grabbed one 4-pack of empties. I may be ebaying that full 4-pack if the prices get high here

It was a historic day and a great one to commemorate with a soda. I wonder if the future will look down on us with our Barack Obama trading cards (now sitting in my cube) and those weird sodas. Is it tacky?

Anyway, the lunch adventure captured on video shows exactly how into-it everyone was. See how creative our office got with food by watching the video below.

Note: Video includes many of the little historic moments everyone will always remember — the messed-up oath and even the Bush-is-leaving-cheers. My favorite part was an Art Director giving "the bird" to the Bush escape helicopter (for a second time, at my request).

Notable food sightings:
Sloppy Joe Bidens
Yes We Can-dy
Plus someone mentioned “Inagurum-Cake”

I hope you ate a few bad jokes yourself.
Until next time... save me some left-overs,
-- Fish

Monday, January 5, 2009

Orange you glad it’s 2009?

Soylent Orange!
A new sugary heart-clogging treat for 2009.

I found this abomination sitting on the counter at my local Blanken-Eleven (removing names for anonymity). While not exactly a lunch-time activity, it still seemed "Glue Penny" inspired (see our very first post). So I decided to stage a not so official taste-test at the agency. See the video included below as many react to the Orange menace. I believe a portion still sits on our comping table waiting for its next victim.

NOTE: This video has earned another co-worker an awesome nick-name. Agent Orange loves orange and has a stomach of cast-iron. Use her code name whenever you can!

When I found this I also saw a few other blogs posting about our Orange Overlord. Orange Crush Pound Cake debates may be found at:
Blogadilla and digg, as well as some personal blogs like Creativity.

Although we may not be the first, I believe we are the first with video.

Our reactions to the foamy orange snack included the following:
"...nothing that orange should really exist."
"...like the foam rubber from inside a car bumper."

There also seems to be a 7up version, and a Strawberry Crush version.

Eat healthy for 2009, otherwise you may get "wrist rolls" like me, ugg I hate videos of myself!
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