Monday, January 5, 2009

Orange you glad it’s 2009?

Soylent Orange!
A new sugary heart-clogging treat for 2009.

I found this abomination sitting on the counter at my local Blanken-Eleven (removing names for anonymity). While not exactly a lunch-time activity, it still seemed "Glue Penny" inspired (see our very first post). So I decided to stage a not so official taste-test at the agency. See the video included below as many react to the Orange menace. I believe a portion still sits on our comping table waiting for its next victim.

NOTE: This video has earned another co-worker an awesome nick-name. Agent Orange loves orange and has a stomach of cast-iron. Use her code name whenever you can!

When I found this I also saw a few other blogs posting about our Orange Overlord. Orange Crush Pound Cake debates may be found at:
Blogadilla and digg, as well as some personal blogs like Creativity.

Although we may not be the first, I believe we are the first with video.

Our reactions to the foamy orange snack included the following:
"...nothing that orange should really exist."
" the foam rubber from inside a car bumper."

There also seems to be a 7up version, and a Strawberry Crush version.

Eat healthy for 2009, otherwise you may get "wrist rolls" like me, ugg I hate videos of myself!


  1. I hear this is actually a traditional recipe. 7-11 just took a chance on it after many years. Still gross though.

  2. Great blog! This food does look nastier than nana's snatch.


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