Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flight of the Navigator.

The Michael Eisner years are being purged from Disney records and Chicago’s tourists are reaping the rewards.

It seems that Disney, in an unprecedented house-cleaning, has found a treasure-trove of props from somewhat obscure 80’s movies. These long-forgotten 80’s props are now being distributed to large and small cities across the nation in hopes of jump-starting the U.S. economy through tourism and camera sales.

Need a reference point?
Flight of the Navigator.

Additionally, Disney’s Imagineers have wired these props to convert the energy wasted by camera flash-bulbs, (used unnecessarily in the middle of the day) to clean eco-friendly electricity. Chicago will be harnessing this surplus of electricity to power its stone-lined pizza ovens and of course, fight inner-city crime.

While the Disney company will deny any knowledge of this effort, rumors have confirmed that they intend to continue the distributing props to cities like Monkey’s Eyebrow Kentucky, Hobo Station Mississippi, and New York.

This weeks lunches have been non-existent for me. I've been traveling downtown a lot for a special marketing project and just haven't had the time to pick-up even a bite. Penny has been holding down the fort at the home office as I've been calling in creative changes and other incidentals from the client’s offices at the AON Center.

The great thing is that I've been able to hang-out with some of my favorite public works... like “The Bean” (A.K.A. Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor) in Millennium Park . There are rumors that Kapoor really hates it when people call it “The Bean”.

The massive sculpture reminds me of art classes in college. Professors in those classes would speak about how sculptures are meant to be touched and enjoyed physically. Their physical nature makes them part of our lives — they participate in everyday life, unable to be ignored like a painting on a wall. Cloud Gate really has this effect on the people of Chicago and its tourists.

The video this week is a little tame, but shows what it's like to sit and watch people stroll-by, photograph and generally enjoy Cloud Gate and downtown Chicago. It's just a little Zen video for me to come back to when deadlines are compressed.

I hope you like it too.
Millennium Park Zen

NOTE: Yes, I am reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

More posts soon I'm sure,
Avoid the lunch-rush... if you can... muhhhaa ha ha.

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  1. If you watch the video at the start, it kinda looks like the spaceship/bean dropped off a bunch of people into the park. An alternate route for the morning commute?


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