Monday, December 8, 2008

Varicose Marketing

No, I want the "special".

Take what we all know about "Viral Marketing" and apply it to your favorite geriatric-juke-joint, all-you-can-eat-pie establishment or other such gray-haired-old-person-moth-to-a-flame-type place. It needs to be called "Varicose Marketing" It's genius I tell you, genius! Plus it seems that this demographic doesn't seem to care to much about spelling (as noted for the sign above, but that could just be a health warning). Them's my kind of people.

Either way, here's the background story. On our regular route to BlanksRBlanks I decided we should take lunch at the local pie/sundae establishment. Strangeness ensued. Parts we didn't get on the video included sharing ketchup with the elderly business types across the separation wall. They were very awkward about it and insisted that I keep the bottle balancing on the top of the divider for the remaider of our lunch. But our favorite moment was caught on tape/video as we were hit-up by Granny Golf Marketer #1 (more to follow as Varicose Marketing catches on).

Note: Favorite quote from the video "I need some customers, ha ha ha ha, cackle cackle, ha ha ha... Okay?" It may even beat Penny saying "Thank you baby Jesus."

Let's do lunch sometime,

Blog entries are piling up. I needed to release this one because we may have a big one happening at BlankoBell soon.

Penny would write stuff I'm sure, but you know, priorities like work, toys, goofn off in even better ways, talking with the Big G., showing off the sarcasm skills to live people, making me feel like a loser for continuing this horrible blog, are getting in his way of posting some really great entries here. Oh well, let's see how much of a guilt trip I can put on him without pissn him off. He still hasn't even tried to do an entry for his "dashbored" video, damn. But enough with the complaints. See you at lunch!

Comment Posted by Penny: Oh, settle down. There's no cheese for the whine. 
Comment Posted by Fish: Lorem ipsum, something clever that helps Penny understand how to use the "comments" button on these posts.

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