Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ego Trip

My dashboard is more exciting than my average day.

There's not really much of a story behind this one. Fish decided he wanted to start filming stuff, and the toys on my dashboard were in his immediate line of sight. Pretty straightforward. 
(Wow, no respect for the artful positioning of the shot at all? Damn it Penny. That's harsh! -- inside comment posted by Fish)

I need to fill the space with something, though. So I can tell you about the toys.

First, there's the Simpsons bobble-heads. They had them in the vending machine at a local movie theater. I went in there one day at about 1 in the afternoon with a bag full of quarters. I even had to go to the counter two or three times to get more quarters because I just wasn't getting a Homer. The employees must have thought I was nuts.

And the snake. I went to see a midnight show of Snakes on a Plane on its release day. A couple days later, I went to the same theater with my parents to see some other movie. And in the grass, right in front of where I parked, was a rubber snake. I assume that someone brought it to the Snakes on a Plane premiere, and it stayed there in the grass all weekend.
(Good thing you rescued it and made it into an excellent distraction for your passengers. My complements on your dashboard collection -- inside comment posted by Fish)

This is a lame post. That's the way it goes sometimes.


  1. POSTED BY FISH: Wow, um, probably would have expanded on things like car movies, buddy movies, music in movies... your top 15 travel movies. Maybe being car-sick after having a bad meal or how this would make the worst simpson’s episode EVER. Nice description I guess. Thanks for finishing it up! (really no sarcasm here, thanks).


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