Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Scrappy Hero Pup

When the sad reality of Christmas future falls flat in the isles of Christmas presents. Why do good animatronics go bad?

When walking into the blankMart, Penny went for the usual collectable figure-hunt, and I set forth on my little-noticed "WTF" search. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a glorious hole in the otherwise discounted washroom-esk displays of holiday haberdashery. (patting myself on the back for that phrase). This is where I encountered this sad sack of Robot Dog for about $125. Either avoid it at all costs or please get it for me. Please!

When a company puts out a sample of a toy or product, don't you think they should try and keep it in working condition? Then again, maybe this toy was a misplaced shipment meant for veterinary clinics all over America. I believe Penny put it best as "..a really creepy animal version of Resusci Anne." That made me think of how realistic those creepy things can be themselves. Care for a sample?

Then again, maybe it is supposed to act like Old Yeller?

Note: We have an alternate descriptor: Watch as Asian Contortionist Puppy reenacts our favorite scene from The Graduate. Click here if you don't know the reference.

For those in-the-know, the grandmother of our cube-mate "Lady L" seems to make an appearance in the video. Thanks!

Happy lunching everyone,

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  1. POSTED BY FISH: Damn, it's like 11:15PM and images are down because of a website glitch. Hope this doesn't make it any harder for Penny to write stuff. Said he wouldn't get to it until later tomorrow anyway.

    Penny informs me that a "haberdashery" is a "hat vendor". In my defense I should have pointed out that there was at least one display of Santa hats, somewhere, really, I swear... Either way I'm giving my self a pat on the back again for "washroom-esk displays of holiday haberdashery"... I can almost taste the festive urinal cakes (hmmmm cranberry). Sorry, I'm not a big BlankMart fan.



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