Friday, December 5, 2008

Identity Exchange?

Have you ever looked at some people and realized they ARE someone else? Either Lady L (our fellow office-cube-dweller) has a part-time job, or a lot of relatives.

The majority of our "they look like other people" lunch today talked about Brian Posehn and how our waiter at blank&blank normally resembles him. We moved onto how it would be great if someone actually did that as promotion, you know, hired a bunch of look-alikes to work at local food establishments. You know, to promote a movie or album, or just because that would be hilarious. The more obscure the celebrity, the better it would be.

But I digress. The video today is short, but involves a lot of awesome. Penny will want to kick my arse for posting another video involving him and a rant, but they are so great. Look for both my new favorite word "Gunt" and our new favorite waitress, our very own Esmeralda Villalobos Fabienne Coolidge, from Pulp Fiction.

Note: Not sure who we are talking about? Click Here To watch her Pulp Fiction clip in French. (Send us an English clip link if you know of one).

Eat healthy,

In the spirit of Identity Exchange... the consensus is Penny and I might look like this. But Penny reminds me that we are a lot older... Damn it!

Other obscure reference: Lady L Song


  1. SOOOO freakin' brilliant! I'm glad I'm the first @$$-muncher to be following this blog! =)

  2. Your welcome. I updated the posts so where we mention "Lady L" you now have a link to your blogspot. Woo Hoo! Enjoy the random lunch posts!



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